« The business of private security is protected by the interior code VI of the security rules.

All the professionals of the private security sector (companies and employees) and their activities are subject to a stringent code of ethics. This is integrated in the procedural section of the Interior Security code (book VI)

The CNAPS (National council of the private security sector) gives companies the authority to exercice their business, and decides on the aptitude of the executives and their agents to fulfill their roles.

In the case of the physical protection of people, the bodyguards are under the obligation to respect the code of the Interior Security (book VI) and also to the provisions laid down by the criminal code of justice.

All the documents submitted by the company are required to protect the physical integrity of our clients , the authorization to reproduce any administrative documents is subject to scrutiny by the Article L.612-9 of the Interior code of security as well as the article L.612-14 of this law.
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